scSTREAM was first released by Software CRADLE Co. in 1984. This general purpose computational fluid dynamics simulation software is based on Finite Volume Method (FVM), and it creates structured (cuboid and hexahedron) mesh. It is the professional choice for simulation geometries that can be described with simple shapes like cylinders or brick-like forms.

The important features of scSTREAM are that thanks to its meshing technology running a simulation is fast as the Shinkansen train between Tokyo and Osaka. The exceptional low memory usage makes solving such huge simulation jobs possible even on an ordinary workstation.

Use your 3D CAD models or GERBER data from ECAD or 3D relief data in SHAPE format from a GIS software. You do not have to recreate them in an other software just to start CFD simulation if they are already made previously in the product development process.

Here are some interesting features and functions from the long list, that make simulation of internal spaces of buildings, pollution of entire city districts and so many complex engineering problems like chemical reactions fast and accurate as it is expected from a Japanese CFD software.

  1. CAD data import in parasolid (x_t), step, stl, dxf, xgl, Nastran, Shape and Gerber formats (RS-274X, RS-274D)
  2. k-E turbulence models for high and low speed flows
  3. Motion simulation
  4. Apart from the usual material properties (incompressible, compressible, non-Newtonian, etc) foaming resin model is available for eg. simulating die filling with foam
  5. Radiation with Flux and View factor methods
  6. Simulation of radiation from the sun
  7. Index for ventilation efficiency: age of air, life expectancy of air. Comfort models: PMV, SET
  8. Diffusion analysis
  9. Dew condensation
  10. Chemical reactions
  11. Simulation of combustion
  12. Analysis of solidification and melting
  13. Multiphase flow analysis eg. water droplets in air, air bubbles in water
  14. Free-surface simulation eg. in mixing tanks
  15. Zooming to reuse a part of a simulation to conduct a focused and very accurate analyis on that given smaller part of the original domain
  16. State of the art results visualization tools like animated vectors, oil flow on surfaces, water-like expression, moving cutplanes, avi recording, custom variable registration, etc.
  17. Solver of scSTREAM can be run on Linux
  18. Extensive High Performance Computing (HPC) modules to give you the key to computating power
  19. Visual Basic programing interface


The above functions make possible to handle many types of applications although this list shows just a fraction what scSTREAM is capable of. The electronic broshure can be downloaded from here). We thought we kindly ask you to help us editing the collection of application examples connected to scSTREAM. If you could ask for an application example, what would that be?

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