Fluid Flow & Thermal Simulation of Manufacturing Processes

Flow Computing Technologies Ltd. is an engineering consultancy company focusing on solving complex fluid flow and heat transfer problems of the manufacturing and heavy industries. We use high-tech Japanese CFD simulation tools to solve production process development challenges like increasing efficiency of heat treating furnaces, design and development of automotive casting cooling lines or quenching equipment.

We were also involved in the development of a unique vacuum cleaning technology used for removing small metallic particles from the internal channels of cylinder head castings, a project made for the largest engine manufacturing plant of the world.

Some examples of the engineering consulting jobs from the tiny pneumatic valve to the heat recovery steam generator:

  • 21 meter long tunnel kiln simulation to increase its heat treating capacity.
  • Simulation of the steam generator of a nuclear power plant to find solutions for thermal expansion problems.
  • Airfoil simulation and flap modifications for light weight sports aircraft.
  • Simulation of pressure loss of steel-lined rubber hoses for oil drilling.
  • Simulation and design of a pneumatic valve to decrease pressure loss.
  • Motion analysis of water meters and determination of their failure curves.
  • Thermal simulation of servomotor control electronics.
  • Earth-gas and air mixing analysis in 200kW gas burners.
  • Pressure loss simulation of 100 m long sea-water suction lines.
  • Simulation of the water hammer effect in drilling mud delivery flexible hose.
  • Pressure loss simulation of the exhaust system of a 58MW gas turbine used for electric power generation.
  • Pressure loss simulation of a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG).
  • Simulation and development of the cooling tower of a waste burner using water spray and flue gas mixing analysis.
  • Analysis and development of aluminum casting cooling lines.
  • Simulation and development of an 8 kW domestic fireplace.

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Richard Maris
Engineering Director
M.I.E. Enterprises

"...CFD Engineering is working extremely precise and with high flexibility.
Our orders find immediate attention and are executed very fast. Therefore, CFD became one of our favourite service partners..."
Marcus Prinz
General Manager
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