SC/Tetra is a general purpose computational fluid dynamics simulation software based on Finite Volume Method (FVM), and it creates unstructured (tetra-, penta- and hexahedron) mesh. It is the professional choice for complex shaped simulation geometry.

The most important features of SC/Tetra are that it combines the handling of the most complex fluid dynamics problems with an easy workflow from handling CAD geometries to setting boundary conditions of complex physics and creating professional quality mesh. Because of these working with SC/Tetra is fast and effective. It is also important to know that SC/Tetra has very small memory consumption: a mesh of 5 million elements takes only 1 GB RAM. For you it means that on an ordinary workstation you can handle and solve problems with very detailed meshes so your analysis can be very accurate as well.

Use your 3D CAD models since they are already made previously in the product development process. For us it is absolutely not necessary - we believe it is a waste of time - to rebuild the whole model again in a separate software from scratch just to be able to start CFD simulation.

Here are 23 interesting features and functions from the long list, that combined with its straightforward workflow make solving the most complex fluid dynamics problems with SC/Tetra fast and accurate.

  1. Adaptive mesh which rearranges the nodes to the location where high gradients are at present in the simulation domain
  2. Apart from seven k-E turbulence models we have SST k-omega to catch flow separations.
  3. Large Eddy Simulation (LES) for problems like external aerodynamic flows and solving aeroacoustics analyses
  4. Hybrid RANS + LES
  5. Boiling heat transfer
  6. Radiation with Flux and View factor methods
  7. Dew condensation eg. to create optimal air ducting shape and location for windshield defrosting
  8. Simulation of chemical reactions
  9. Chemical reactions for particles
  10. Spay model to design windshield and headlight cleaning systems
  11. Simulation of combustion
  12. Modeling of cavitation
  13. Aero-acoustics analysis to determine flow generated noise
  14. Multiphase flow analysis eg. water droplets in air, air bubbles in water
  15. Free-surface simulation eg. in mixing tanks
  16. Fluid-structure interaction to simulate solid and flow interactions
  17. Motion simulations like ventilators, gear pumps, modeling of human motions like walking and many more
  18. Zooming to reuse a part of a simulation to conduct a focused and very accurate analyis on that given smaller part of the original domain
  19. Built-in human body (Thermoregulation) model to analyse comfort of humans in buildings, car and airplane cabins
  20. State of the art results visualization tools like animated vectors, oil flow on surfaces, water-like expression, moving cutplanes, avi recording, variable registration, etc.
  21. Solver of SC/Tetra can be run on Linux
  22. Extensive High Performance Computing (HPC) modules to give you the power
  23. Visual Basic programing interface


The above functions make possible to handle many types of applications although this list shows just a fraction what SC/Tetra is capable of. The electronic broshure can be downloaded from here. We thought we kindly ask you to help us editing the collection of application examples connected to SC/Tetra. If you could ask for an application example, what would that be?

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