If we ask you to tell which are the three most famous areas of the Japanese industry we would bet a large amount on electronics being in your list. Japanese love these gadgets. The smaller the better.

But the engineers who design these things know that chips, condensators packed to small places produce suprisingly high temperatures. So they needed a software to analyse the thermal behaviour of electronics before building prototypes. This is what HeatDesigner is for.

The most important feature of HeatDesigner is that you do not have to be a pro in computational fluid dynamics simulation to make it work for you.

Use those 3D CAD models, that were either created by you or mechanical designers to try if the electronics fit into the space they should. You can also use ECAD printed circuit board designs to simulate the tinyest details if you would like to do so.

Here there are some interesting functions, with which you can create a professional electronics from thermal point of view in one shot and you do not have to worry about burning 2-3 prototypes plus money and engineering time with them till you get it right.

  1. Parasolid (x_t), STEP, STL, XGL, IDF, Gerber formats (RS-274X, RS-274D) import
  2. Parts library in which you can upload and save for example favourite ventilators or heatsinks
  3. Structured, cell grid (made of cubes), that makes simple geoemtries to be analysed easily with HeatDesigner
  4. Steady-state and time-varying thermal proceses can be modeled
  5. Simulation of flows driven by a ventilator (forced convection) or by the density difference of moving fluid/gas (natural convection)
  6. Heat ransfer with radiation, it is important in case of hot solids very close to each other
  7. Simplified chip models (with two-resistor model) junction-to-board and junction-to-case resistances, with which junction, board and case temperatures can be determined separately

The above functions make possible to handle many types of applications although this list shows just a fraction what HeatDesigner is capable of. The electronic broshure can be downloaded from here. We thought we kindly ask you to help us editing the collection of application examples connected to HeatDesigner. If you could ask for an application example, what would that be?

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